Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re VP of your favorite club, two time champs of that football intramural league, and part-time card swiper at the SRC. Leaving all this behind could cause some serious FOMO. And what if the opportunity to be President of said club slips through the cracks while you’re traveling through France? While it may seem challenging to leave behind campus life for a semester or more, consider all that you’ll gain and the ways in which you can still be a part of the communities you’ve built in Chapel Hill. In the world of email, What’s App, blogging and even postcards (#snailmail), keeping in touch has never been easier.

Ask Yourself

Would a short-term or summer opportunity better suit my need to be on-campus during the school year?

Is there a way to stay involved with my on-campus group while away?

How might taking part in a global opportunity improve my chances of future leadership opportunities?