If you’re living in a different country and have the misfortune of getting seriously sick or sustaining an injury, what should you do? Will you have access to healthcare? Will your insurance work? UNC automatically signs you up for HTH Travel Insurance if you enroll in a UNC-sponsored Study Abroad program. If you are doing an independent program, be sure to procure HTH travel insurance on your own. This will enable you to seek out healthcare services while away. Healthcare systems and options vary from country to country, and even city to city; this is a good thing to research prior to your departure. As for access to mental health services, you may be able to get connected with the necessary resources at the university you’ll be attending, identify an accountability partner, or set up therapy and counseling sessions over Skype/phone. Be sure to look into whether or not your medications are available, accessible and legal in the place you’re visiting. Add this to the list of things to research prior to your departure.

Ask Yourself

Do I need specific health/medical accommodations while I’m away? Who can help me with those?

Will I still have access to the mental health services that I need?

Will I still have access to the medications that I need?