While you’re off soaking up the culture of another place, everyone else will be planning for the next semester in Chapel Hill. So, how do you do things like sign up for classes or housing while you’re away? Academic Advisors offer phone and Skype appointments, and often do this with students over the summer or while they are abroad. Registration dates won’t change just because you are abroad, so be sure to stay in the loop with ConnectCarolina, and consult the Housing website prior to your departure. If you have a really dedicated friend or family member, you could even enlist them to register for classes or sign up for on-campus housing on your behalf.

Ask Yourself

How can I plan ahead to make the process of signing up for housing and classes easier on me while I’m away?

Is there someone I trust to register for classes or sign up for housing on my behalf? Are they willing to help me out?

Will I have regular internet access while I’m away?