Photo of a bus, driving up a road.
Valley Of Souls by Gwendolyn Bellinger. A snapshot of daily life in Qadisha Valley, considered a very holy location for Christians due to its high concentration of monasteries.

Cost is often the barrier to global opportunities that feels like the most impossible to overcome. Though traveling internationally can be expensive, there are many resources on and off campus to help you get abroad–you can learn about those here. In this section, we’ll also explain how to navigate some of the complicated financial systems and detail-oriented scholarship applications at UNC.

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Application Resources

Your application is an argument essay. It argues that you’re a good fit for the program or the funding agency’s goals, that you’re likely to…

Financial Aid

Will your Financial Aid transfer to the cost of studying abroad? What happens when you return? Will you still be eligible for Financial Aid? If…

Grants, Awards & Other Funding

Does it feel impossible to afford the opportunity to go abroad? Well, one of the great things about UNC is that there is a vast…