Are you an international student studying at UNC? As an international student, there are a few guidelines (and some forms) that will help you find a program that’s perfect for you. As you prepare for your trip, it would be wise to research the visa requirements and limitations of your non-U.S. passport and to check to see if your country of origin has an embassy or consulate in the country you’re visiting. Additionally, you may want to meet with someone in the Office for International Student and Scholar Services to double check the logistics of your program.

Are you a student with DACA status? Although we currently do not advise DACA or undocumented students to leave the U.S., there are ways that you, too, can have a global experience while at UNC. Consider local global opportunities happening right here in the Research Triangle—there are so many to choose from. (See Local Global Resources and Latinx Community Opportunities.)