If you already have a specific location (or three!) in mind, you can begin to hone in on your opportunity by finding out what’s offered in that country/region. Has it been your life goal to study abroad in Spain? Or, do you speak Portuguese and daydream about spending time in a Portuguese-speaking community? UNC offers over 320 traditional Study Abroad programs and there are several departments across campus that will help you find a program and/or funding that matches up with your interests, needs and/or concerns. Chatting with your favorite professor or someone within your department is a great way to get ideas on what types of programs might benefit you the most.


  • If you already know which region/country you want to visit:

Start by doing an advanced search using the “City”, “Country”, or “Region” drop down menus to see what programs UNC already has in the place that interests you. Attend a general or regional Study Abroad 101 information session, and then set up an appointment with the Study Abroad Advisor dedicated to that region to find out more details. If there isn’t a program that fits your needs, your Study Abroad Advisor can help you with this as well.


  • If you have no idea where you want to go:

That’s okay! First things first: dream big. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be? With this in mind, try attending a general or regional Study Abroad 101 Session, browsing the internet and Study Abroad website, or setting up an appointment with someone at the Center for Global Initiatives to hone in on what area of the world would suit you well. You can also meet with someone from one of UNC’s Area Studies Centers that focuses specifically on a world area, such as Africa, Europe, Latin America, or Asia.


  • If all you know is that you want to practice your language skills. Or learn a new language… Visit our “Language Interests” page in this section of the Global Guide.

Ask Yourself

Is there a country/region that is connected with or specific to my academic or career goals?

Does my major offer faculty-led programs to a specific place?

How might knowing another language benefit me down the road?

Is there a specific place I could visit to really deepen my academic studies?