The best time to start thinking about pursuing a global opportunity is RIGHT NOW! The earlier, the better. But, if you are a Senior hoping to squeeze in a global opportunity before you graduate or a transfer student who’s not sure how a global opportunity fits into such a tight schedule, options like short-term trips, engaging with a locally-based international organization, or even post-graduation jobs and internships could be perfect for you!

Are you a first or second year student?

If you answered yes to this question, start by attending a general or regional Study Abroad 101 Session or office hours with someone at the Study Abroad Office or the Center for Global Initiatives. All of these places will help you to gain lots of ideas and a bit more insight on how to proceed.

Are you a Junior or a Senior?

If you answered yes to this question, it is still possible for you to travel internationally! You too could attend a Study Abroad 101 Session to find out more information about programs that will fit your time frame–summer programs may be especially attractive. Or, you may want to consider taking advantage of global opportunities that exist on campus or in our community. The Carolina Center for Public Service offers alternative break opportunities, many of which connect you with international communities. You may also want to consider post-graduation opportunities, like Peace Corps or Fulbright, that you can take advantage of. Start by making an appointment with someone from the Center for Global Initiatives, the Carolina Center for Public Service or Career Services to discuss your options.

Are you a transfer student?

If you answered yes to this question, you may be under the assumption that you do not have time to participate in a global opportunity. That isn’t necessarily true! While you can certainly engage in on-campus or community-based opportunities like international film festivals or volunteering with a refugee organization, you may also be able to take advantage of shorter-term opportunities during your time at Carolina (some transfer students even work with their Academic Advisors and the Study Abroad office to make it feasible!). Keep in mind that post-graduation opportunities might be a good fit as well. #mythbusted

Ask Yourself

(if I’m close to graduating) Are there short-term opportunities available for me prior to my graduation date?

Are there any global opportunities I can participate in post-graduation?

How soon can I begin to think about, plan and/or participate in a global opportunity?

In order to graduate on time, what time of year should I travel?