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Rolling Deadline
The amount of provincial pay varies depending on the location within the POE and the number of schools taught.

Can be used for

12 weeks or longer


U.S. Citizen
Graduate, Graduating Senior
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Teachers must be a citizen of one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States or South Africa. (Ethnic Koreans with legal residency in one of these countries with the education requirement are also eligible.) Must have studied from at least the junior high level (7th Grade) and graduated from a university in one of the seven designated countries listed above. Hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Applicants with a two year associate degree or who have completed a minimum of 2 years in university can apply to the TaLK program. Those who have a teaching license, B.Ed., M.Ed., or majored in Teaching, TESOL, Second Language Studies, or any forms of Education (Physical Education, Math Education, etc.) are not required to have a TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate. In the future, we may require a TEFL course with an in-class component of 20 hours. Be a maximum of 62 years of age, be mentally and physically healthy, have a good command of the English language, have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean culture and life.


EPIK was established in 1995 and is affiliated with the Korean Ministry of Education. Since its inception, EPIK has had the goals of improving the English-speaking abilities of Korean students and teachers, developing cultural exchange between Korea and abroad, and of introducing new teaching methods into the Korean education system. EPIK provides paid opportunities to recent graduates who wish to teach English in Korea.


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