Application Details

Friday, January 15, 2021 Current Year Deadline Past, Check Website
Application opens Nov. 15.
Approximately 1490 EUR/month gross, or approximately 1200 EUR/month after tax and health insurance deductions (about $1400/month)

Can be used for

Internship/Work, Teaching
12 weeks or longer


U.S. Citizen
Alumni, Graduating Senior

Applicants are required to have a working knowledge of German that should be at least at the intermediate-mid level (ACTFL scale) or B1 (CEFR). Applicants are required to submit documentation for their ability to speak German that comes from a German professor or a language (testing) institution such as the Goethe Institut or ÖSD


U.S. teaching assistants are assigned to one or two Austrian secondary schools and required to assist teachers of English in classroom instruction 13 hours per week. U.S. teaching assistants are employed from October 1 – May 31 of the school year. Applicants should have at least a Bachelor’s degree and be interested in careers in education. Prospective teachers of German or TESOL and/or graduates with a documented interest in Austrian studies are particularly encouraged to apply. A working knowledge of German is required and necessary to facilitate classroom work. This program is financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education and Women?s Affairs (BMBF), and applications are administered by the Austrian-American Educational Commission (Fulbright Austria). For more information please consult


Dr. Juergen Hoermann
+43 1 236 7878 13
Tuesday, February 16, 2021