Do you want to improve your Spanish (or Arabic? Or French? Or Urdu? Or…)? Have you ever thought about studying a less commonly taught language like Turkish or Chinese? Or would you feel more comfortable in an English-speaking environment? Your global opportunity could focus on language learning or you could travel to an English-speaking country. There may even be specific funding available for that Punjabi class you’ve always wanted to take.


If you’d like to study a foreign language, but you’re wide open about which language. –OR— If you’d like to find a program that allows you to study a specific language.

You can use the advanced search on the Study Abroad website to find programs that have a specific language focus and programs that require prior language study (or not). If you’re interested in studying a less commonly taught language (languages like Swahili, Japanese, and Azerbaijani), there are many opportunities that are fully funded through the Foreign Language and Area Study (FLAS) fellowship and/or the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program. Several of these scholarships require no prior knowledge of the language.

If you want to study on a program without a language requirement:

You can use the advanced search to find programs where the language is English by using the drop-down lists to set the “Language” category to “English” or the “Prior Language Study Required” category to “No or N/A”.

What’s your current ability level?

You can do an advanced search on “Prior Language Study Required” and set the search limits to show for “No prior study”, “2 semesters or less”, etc. to find the programs that are available at UNC. For less commonly taught languages, visit the Critical Language Scholarship website to see which languages require you to have previous knowledge and which start at the beginning.

Ask Yourself

What groups/activities on campus can I engage with to practice my language skills?

What are my language learning goals? And why am I interested in one language vs. another?

Is my language interest associated with a specific region or country?