How will I keep in touch with my student? Are there alternative ways of communicating? How can I track their flights? With access to the internet, global communication is easier than ever.

Many paid and free apps provide real-time flight information. Flightview is one free app available for both iPhone and Android users that allows you to input itinerary confirmation emails and view gate assignments, cancellations and delays, and flight progress (this is not an endorsement).

Consistent international communication is important for logistics and safety. Many apps allow for international communication over Wifi. WhatsApp and Viber are text messaging apps, and Skype and FaceTime are video messaging apps. Research which types of communication work best in certain countries. For example, China bans most social media outlets and video messaging apps, but they allow (and most people use) WeChat.

Your student must have travel and medical insurance while abroad, and UNC Global provides up-to-date information on travel warnings as well as other safety-related concerns. Parents and guardians can also subscribe to U.S. State Department email advisories here.